TV Transform & Nonlinear Spectral Theory

A new framework is proposed for variational analysis and processing. It defines a functional-based nonlinear transform and inverse-transform. The framework is developed in the context of total-variation (TV), but it can be generalized to other functionals.

An eigenfunction, with respect to the subdifferential of the functional, such as a disk in the TV case, yields an impulse in the transform domain. This can be viewed as a generalization of known spectral approaches, based on linear algebra, which are extensively used in image-processing, e.g. for segmentation.

Following the Fourier intuition, a spectrum can be computed to analyze dominant scales in the image. Moreover, new nonlinear low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filters can be designed with full contrast and edge preservation.


Movie explained: Top (from left): image layers, phi bands (phi(t) = u_{tt}*t). Bottom: Ideal TV High-pass-filter, ideal TV Low-pass-filter at different scales. Ideal is in the sense of eigenfunctoin preservation.

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