TOG 2024: Spectral Total-Variation Processing of Shapes – Theory and Applications

Jonathan Brokman, Martin Burger, Guy Gilboa, ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2024,

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We present an analysis of total-variation (TV) on non-Euclidean parameterized surfaces, a natural representation of the shapes used in 3D graphics. Our work explains recent experimental findings in shape spectral TV [Fumero et al., 2020] and adaptive anisotropic spectral TV [Biton and Gilboa, 2022]. A new way to generalize set convexity from the plane to surfaces is derived by characterizing the TV eigenfunctions on surfaces. Relationships between TV, area, eigenvalue, eigenfunctions and their discontinuities are discovered. Further, we expand the shape spectral TV toolkit to include versatile zero-homogeneous flows demonstrated through smoothing and exaggerating filters. Last but not least, we propose the first TV-based method for shape deformation, characterized by deformations along geometrical bottlenecks. We show these bottlenecks to be aligned with eigenfunction discontinuities. This research advances the field of spectral TV on surfaces and its application in 3D graphics, offering new perspectives for shape filtering and deformation.